Moving Out


Realty Masters of Florida Move Out Notice

In order to submit your move out notice you must acknowledge the following information.

We must have a 30 day written notice in order to process your move out. Move out notices must be given at the 1st of the month and must be for the last day of the month. If you would like to move out in the middle of the month, you may do so, but you are still responsible for rent until the end of the month.

We will need the following information on your move out notice:

  1. Dated move out notice stating last day in the property
  2. Address of Rental Property
  3. Forwarding Address (if you have one)

If you are military submitting PCS orders to vacate, you must provide either 1) copy of PCS orders or 2) letter from a CO stating departure date. 

For more information on moving from a Realty Masters property, watch our video on moving! 

Remember, current residents do not pay an application fee to apply for a different rental. Let us know if you are interested in finding a different rental property for your family. 

Thank you,

Realty Masters Staff

**If you are moving because you feel your rent is too high or because of unresolved maintenance issues, please contact our office and give us a chance to resolve or ask for a rent reduction before submitting your move out notice**

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